About Us

So, who are we?

Spair Pair is a social enterprise founded by two best mates from Melbourne, Australia who saw an opportunity to empower ordinary people to do the extraordinary. 

We design and sell high quality, ethical, sustainable and good looking undergarments (like our socks) and for every pair we sell, an exact replica is provided to someone in need. 

By buying a Spair Pair product, customers will be providing access to some of the most basic luxuries (which many of us take for granted) to those doing it tough. We're all about owning your own impact, and with Spair Pair, every person has the opportunity to make a positive impact on the life of someone who needs it most. 

We're working with an experienced design team and are focused on making functional and fashionable garments here in Melbourne. Home made goods ensuring that we're acting on our belief that EVERYONE deserves to look good and feel great.