About Us

So, who are we?

Spair Pair is a social enterprise founded by two best mates from Melbourne, Australia who saw an opportunity to empower ordinary people to do the extraordinary. 

We design and sell high quality, ethical, sustainable and good looking undergarments (like our socks) and for every pair we sell, an exact replica is provided to someone in need. 


How does it work? 

When you buy a pair of Aussie made, and Ethically and Sustainably manufactured socks, we take two pairs of that exact style and size from our inventory. 

We pack one pair and we send it to you for you to enjoy. 

We then take the 'Spair Pairs' out to our various charity partners who already have established channels to people in need to distribute our socks to women and men experiencing homelessness. To date, over 700 pairs of socks have found their way onto the feet of people doing it tough thanks to these charity partners. 

You can learn more about at our charity partners at the 'Change Making Friends' page on our website!