Our Story

Who Are We?

Spair Pair is a Melbourne-based Social Enterprise that provides basic necessities for those experiencing homelessness and living in disadvantage.

Spair Pair was founded by two best mates, Beau Arnfield and Josh Firmin, and was created after witnessing first-hand the lack of access to basic necessities by those experiencing hardship.

Beau and Josh - Co-Founders of Spair Pair


So, What Does Spair Pair Do?

Spair Pair provides an easy, accessible platform allowing anyone to create meaningful, tangible change.Our online store allows you to provide impact to the lives who need it most, by providing the most highly requested basic necessity by those in need... socks!

Spair Pair Team


Hang on, what makes Spair Pair so special?

Great question, glad you asked!

At Spair Pair we don't compromise on quality or comfort. It is our mission to ensure we are creating impact at every step of our process - from the time the sock is made to the time it reaches your feet!

Our socks are made from 100% Australian cotton and brought to life by our incredible manufacturers who are all Ethical Clothing Australian accredited (a very prestigious accreditation, which you can read more about HERE).