Why Socks?

We say impact with every purchase. That means that we have to make sure your purchases create meaningful, lasting impact. So, why socks?  


Close to 20% of people experiencing homelessness in
Australia experience illness and disease such as Diabetes which can increase the likelihood of infections and even amputations. Socks help protect against cuts and exposure which can create infections. 
People are more motivated when they have pride in their appearance. Simple things like socks and shoes without holes in them go a long way to boosting self-esteem and encouraging productivity. 
Wet and dirty socks carry bacteria which can cause injuries and prevent bacteria from healing. Moving and accessing services can be difficultly with blisters and sore feet from poor hygiene.
Socks are one of the most highly-requested and yet sparsely donated items at homeless services, charities, clothing drives and various refuges. 



Socks might not end homelessness... but what if they did? Every morning, night, or whenever else you put on your Spair Pair socks, if you think about issues surrounding poverty and homelessness, that is a win.
More people thinking = more people talking
More people talking = more people doing
The more people that are doing, the more likely change will be.